Saturday, December 16, 2017

Various - Legendary Specialty Missing Masters

A1 – Roy Milton - Oh Babe
A2 – Twilighters - Wah-Bop-Sh-Wah
A3 – Wynona Carr - Jump Jack Jump
A4 – Royal Kings - Bouncin' The Boogie
A5 – Lester Williams  - Brand New Baby
A6 – Henry Pierce - Hey Fine Mama
A7 – Don & Dewey - Jelly Bean
A8 – Kenzie Moore - Let It Lay
B1 – Roddy Jackson - I've Got My Sights On Someone New
B2 – Big Boy Myles - Just To Hold My Hand
B3 – Camille Howard - Bangin' The Boogie
B4 – Monitors - Rock & Roll Fever
B5 – Dukes - Ooh Bop She Bop
B6 – Joe Liggins - Boogie Woogie Lou
B7 – Tony Allen - Check Yourself Baby
B8 – Sonny Lowbry - Goodbye Baby Goodbye

KansasJoe post:

Various - The Piano Blues Vol. 2

A1 – Champion Jack Dupree Blues Before Sunrise
A2 – Speckled Red T'Ain't Nobody's Business
A3 – Champion Jack Dupree You Got Me Way Down Here
A4 – Henry Brown Deep Morgan Blues
A5 – Roosevelt Sykes Under-eyed Woman
A6 – Memphis Slim Worries All The Time
B1 – Memphis Slim Gone Mother Blues
B2 – Champion Jack Dupree Please Send Me Someone To Love
B3 – Roosevelt Sykes 9 Hour Call
B4 – Henry Brown New Eastern Chimes
B5 – Champion Jack Dupree Work House Blues
B6 – Speckled Red How Long Blues

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Various - Rare Blues Girls From King

A1 –Dorothy Ellis He's Gone
A2 –Lil Greenwood Grandpa Can Boogie Too
A3 –Helen Young Portrait Of A Faded Love
A4 –Aletra Hampton Please Be Good To Me
A5 –Fluffy Hunter Climb The Wall
A6 –Mickey Champion You're Gonna Suffer Baby
A7 –Sarah McLawler I Need You Now
A8 –Valerie Carr I Dreamed The Blues
B1 –Mildred Anderson No More In Life
B2 –Marion Abernathy Undecided
B3 –Flo Carvin I'm On The Outside Looking In
B4 –Flo Carvin Let Me Keep You Warm
B5 –Lorraine Lester You Can't Have Me Now
B6 –Cathy Ryan It's A Sad, Sad Feeling
B7 –Dorothy Ellis Slowly Going Out Of Your Mind
B8 –Sugar Pie Please Be True

KansasJoe post:

Bob Starr - Stop This Energy Crisis

Privately pressed funk, soul LP with a touch of the blues that is sought after by the lovers of everything offbeat. A valid message then and even more so now.
Thanks go to HM for sharing this LP and Bob Starr's other LP which will be posted in the future. At the same time filling a request from Gerard.

At the hight of the energy crisis in the Netherlands. Kids having fun on the motorway on a carless Sunday.


Friday, December 15, 2017

Lazy Bill Lucas - Lazy Bill & His Friends

Lazy Bill Lucas (May 29, 1918 - December 11, 1982) was an American blues musician, who was part of the birth of the Chicago blues scene during the 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s, before taking his talents to Minneapolis, Minnesota, and becoming an important part of that city's blues history until his death.
Born to sharecroppers in Wynne, Arkansas, United States,Lucas's family was always looking for better living conditions and worked their way north to Southern Missouri, then to St. Louis in 1940 and Chicago the year after. As a youngster, he sang on the streets of Advance, Missouri, where the mostly white audience preferred hillbilly songs, but in St. Louis, he teamed up with blues singer Big Joe Williams and started singing for a black audience. Until 1946, Lucas played guitar on the streets, often at the side of Sonny Boy Williamson II. Later that year, he formed a trio with Willie Mabon and Earl Dranes, joined the Musicians Union, and enjoyed a two week gig at the Tuxedo Lounge. For several years, he played in various blues combos and played in various clubs, bars and street settings. During this time, he played with Johnny "Man" Young, Jo Jo Williams, Homesick James, Little Hudson, Snooky Pryor, and Little Walter. In 1950, Lucas switched from guitar to piano and worked as a sideman for various blues bands, and appeared on records by the Blue Rockers, Willie Foster, Homesick James and Snooky Pryor. In 1953, while leading the trio Lazy Bill and the Blue Rhythm, he secured a recording contract with Chance Records, who gave him one recording session. The company released one 78 rpm phonograph record – "She Got Me Walkin'" b/w "I Had a Dream".
As the 1950s progressed, work became harder to find, and during the 1960s, Lucas tried to get into the folk-blues scene but could not secure any contracts. From 1964 and well into the 1970s, Lucas straddled two careers: playing in various groups led by George "Mojo" Buford and playing solo or leading his own small groups. In 1970, he played a benefit show at the Guthrie Theatre organized by Minneapolis's black establishment to show the range and history of Afro-American music. The same year Lucas appeared at the Wisconsin Delta Blues Festival, and the Ann Arbor Blues Festival, with Jeff Titon and John Schrag. In the 1970s, Titon helped record and produce Lucas's material for Philo Records. In 1979, Lucas, who had played live on the radio in the 1960s, started hosting his own regular radio show, The Lazy Bill Lucas Show on KFAI in Minneapolis.[
Lazy Bill Lucas died of natural causes in Minneapolis in December 1982, at the age of 64.

His Friends:

Visitors requests....maybe you can help out

You can leave requests, comments  and replies in the usual way and after moderation they will appear below. This might take a couple of days and reposts up to a week ..... I've got a life outside of the blog.
Please do not request new or easy to find CD's as they will not be posted here.


l4th August: Ronnie said...
Tabby Thomas - Louisiana woman

20th August: yeah but nah but said... 
John Jackson - step it up and go / deep in the bottom
Thank you BluesDude

3rd October: Mannfred Woman said...
St. Louis Country Blues (1929-1937) (Document) J.D. Short
J.D. Short* & Henry Brown - (1930-33) wolf records
cheers if anyone can help

6th October: Yoda Inside said...
Seeking a few Junior Kimbrough albums that I'm finding hard to track down:
Do The rump (high water) NMR
Sad days, lonely nights  Fat Possum

8th October: Daddy Cool - LP-94007 - Legendary Masters: Gospel Music, Volume 1

13th October: Anonymous Blues Hoarder said...
Those document CDs are great! I might request a few more
Field recordings - Vol 6 - Texas Blues 1933-1958 DOCD-5580
Field Recordings - vol 7 - Florida 1935-1936 DOCD-5587
Texas: Black country Dance Music DOCD-5162   Thanks go to Real Blues

17th October: daniel777 said...
I am looking for the following albums
Dan Burley - South Side Shake
Deacon John Moore - Singer of Song
Errol Linton - Roots Stew
Floyd McDaniel - Switchin'In The Kitchen
see Lapiedra52's comment about the Floyd McDaniel cd
Rockin'Tabby Thomas - Louisiana Woman
Louisiana Red - Last Mohican Of The Blues

20th October: Yoda Inside said...
can i also request:
Louisiana Red - the low down backporch blues {collectables}
Thank you Lapiedra52 for a flac version
Lovie Lee - Good Candy {earwig}

20th October: Ballas said...
I'm looking for Muddy Waters - In Concert on Charly CDCD 1257 (1995). It has the following tracks: see comments for track list

28th October: Oz Bob: Various-Shout-Brother-Shout (Alligator  cd comp)

29th October: David - "Bob Geddins' Rhythm Records Story" on Acrobat

29th October:  Cajun Spice Rub said...
Any albums by Nathan & the Zydeco Cha Cha's
especially from Rounder label
Follow me chicken
Your Mama Don't know
Steady Rock

29th October: Ballas- John Lee Hooker album called "Johnny Lee" on Green Bottle GBS 3130

5th November: Chocolate stout said...
Hey everybody. a few things you may be able to help out with?
Big Walter Horton with Carey Bell 
Walter Horton - mouth harp maestro
Big Walter Horton - Harmonica Blues kings
Paul Jones - Mule (Fat Possum)

6th November: Marnie said...
Looking for an illusive Ivory Joe Hunter compilation: Blues At Sunrise (2cd)

17th November: Zivoin said...
Looking for Louisiana Red - Anti Nuclear Blues (L&R LP)

27th November: Harmoniker said...
Big Al Calhoun with Henry Townsend
All plucked from from various torrent sites and usenet.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Soul Stirrers ‎– Gospel Music Vol. 1

Glory, Glory Hallelujah 2:24
End Of My Journey 2:49
My Life Is In His Hands 2:24
This Is My Prayer 2:52
Seek And Ye Shall Find 2:42
Pearl Harbor, Parts 1 & 2 5:05
Jesus Prays For You And Me 2:05
Life's Journey 3:21
His Eye Is On The Sparrow 2:45
One Day 2:47
Soldier In The Army Of The Lord 2:46
Why I Like Roosevelt, Parts 1 & 2 6:39

Thanks go to Dr.Hepcat for sharing.

Dave Ray - Fine Soft Land

Alabama Women
Young Man
Crying Shame
Got To Live
West Egg Rag
How You Want Your Rolling Done
Highway 51
Baby Please Don't Go
Kid Man Blues
Death Valley Blues
If I Get Lucky
Married Woman Blues
Look Over Yonder's Wall
You Can't Go
Born To Surrender

Thanks go to BluesDude for sharing

Dave Ray - Snaker's Here

Julie Ann Johnson
Go My Bail
Rock Me
Bull Frog Blues
Old Country Rock
Rambling On My Mind
Broke Down Engine
Blind Lemon
Last Fair Deal Gone Down
Saddle Up My Pony
Brownsville Blues
Becky Dean
Yellow Woman's Door Blues
Killing Me By Degrees
'Fore Day Worry Blues
Rising Sun Blues
Need My Help Someday

Thanks go to BluesDude for sharing

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Mickey & Sylvia - Love Is Strange

Love Is Strange 2:56
Walkin' In The Rain 2:20
Dearest 2:55
In My Heart 2:10
Mommy Out De Light 2:37
Love Is A Treasure 2:34
Two Shadows On Your Window 2:41
Love Will Make You Fail In School 2:42
No Good Lover 2:53
I'm Going Home 2:20